Everything You Need for Agenda & Meeting Management is in CivicClerk

It's time to move your meetings forward. Ditch the stacks of paper that accumulate with every meeting and forget endless hours of copying, bookmarking, distributing and amending meeting agendas.


Agenda Approval Tracking

The workflow engine in CivicClerk streamlines the routing of your agenda items, automates notifications, and gives full transparency to collaborators as it passes through the approval process. As you make changes to an item, revisions and modifications are tracked and visible within the item fields and on the item timeline. In-app messaging and task assignments keep everyone in the loop and agenda prep moving forward.

Agenda Item Creation

CivicClerk’s easy-to-use item entry allows staff members to enter agenda items, upload attachments, and send through workflows with a few clicks. Configurable field types and our embedded text editor ensure that you are capturing all the information needed for CivicClerk to generate staff reports, legislation, minutes, and other documents. Automated PDF file conversion and built-in integrations with Microsoft’s OneDrive and Google Drive simplify the inclusion of supporting documentation and attachments.

Agenda Packets Management

CivicClerk compiles your items and all the legislation, memorandums, or supporting documentation into a bookmarked PDF packet quickly and easily, no matter the size of the packet. Create multiple packet versions instantly to include or exclude specific attachments for your different internal and external users. Make last-minute changes to the agenda or packet and publish final versions with minimal effort. Administrators choose what they make available to the public, internal users, and elected or appointed officials, and when they release the information. Automated email notifications can be enabled so all users, both internal and external, know when the meeting documents are published or amended.

Agenda Modifications

Changes to the agenda can be made at any time by administrators without affecting global configurations or settings. Drag-and-drop reordering allows you to move items and automatically renumbers everything on the agenda. One touch copy and move functions enable you to duplicate or move agenda items from meeting to meeting, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.


Have you ever wondered if anyone viewed your meetings online? CivicClerk has the answer. CivicClerk provides clear reporting insights on progress and goals. Our dashboards and built-in reporting tools provide key metrics on the entire agenda and meeting minute process.

Boards and Committees Module

The CivicClerk Boards and Committees Module tracks vacancies, applications, and appointments. Interactive dashboards give you access to your Boards and Committees information. Manage rosters and generate communications using customized templates. Store system-generated communications and other necessary documentation at the board or individual member level. Track training and other internal requirements. Display board information through the Citizen Portal, including member rosters if desired, post vacancies, and accept online applications. Additional fees apply.

Board Portal Search Functionality

CivicClerk automatically indexes published meeting content with Board Portal search functionality, so it is easy for officials to find information quickly. Our full-text search tool empowers officials to locate past items, attachments, minutes, and agendas by searching a keyword, date range, and more. An item summary view allows officials to see the motions, votes, and any comment or discussion on the item that was recorded in the meeting minutes in an intuitive display, preventing a manual search through full minutes documents.

Comments and Discussions

Document, save, and refer to key discussions and action items using the Notes and Comment features. CivicClerk’s powerful search and content filter lets you quickly access comments and discussion summaries from previous meetings at any time, without manually scanning dozens of documents. Save private notes to stimulate further discussion and keep initiatives moving forward.

Content Accessibility

It’s not enough to be transparent by publishing your agendas and other meeting documents online. Your meeting content must be accessible to all members of the public. CivicClerk has a dedicated accessibility portal that gives citizens full access to your meeting content. Closed captioning is also available with our CP Media service for live streaming and on-demand video.

Content Transparency

Build public trust with access to fully searchable meeting content, including legislative decisions and public meeting videos. Meet municipal transparency requirements while keeping citizens engaged and informed.

Customizable Templates

Your CivicClerk templates are designed and configured to reflect your community. Customized templates provide consistency and clarity to agendas, packets, staff reports, legislation, and minutes.

Display Pages

Keep meeting participants informed and engaged by displaying the current item, speaker, or vote results automatically to the citizens attending the meeting.

Flexible Voting

Minutes takers can record motions and votes instantly in Live Meeting Manager or initiate electronic voting when desired. Apply motions and votes to individual agenda items or multiple agenda items as a group.

Flexible Access

Your officials can choose how to access meeting content—helping them work better, faster. Efficiently deliver packets of any size by paper, email, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or post to the Board Portal. CivicClerk is optimized for all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. No separate application required.

Goals Module

The CivicClerk Goals module gives staff the ability to manage strategic plan initiatives, track progress against milestones, and link plan elements to agenda items. Configurable dashboards and reporting allow organizations to focus on specific aspects or view the plan in its entirety. Timelines, task assignments, status updates, and in-app messaging enable internal communications and progress to be easily updated and tracked. Additional fees apply.

Live Meeting Manager

Meetings move fast. Live Meeting Manager’s cloud-based platform allows you to move quickly through your agenda items, recording official actions and discussion, without having to wait for the system to catch up. The clean, intuitive interface gives single screen access to all your meeting controls. One-click control allows you to update your in-chamber display screens, set your video bookmarks, and queue items in the Board Portal for your elected and appointed officials.

Live Streaming and On-Demand Video

Increase citizen engagement and participation by sharing high-definition live video feeds of your meetings directly from CivicClerk and CP Media. Stream live proceedings and seamlessly integrate all video content into your meeting agendas. Videos feature clear bookmarking and navigation so viewers can quickly find discussions of interest. Users can view videos from any device with no software or application downloads necessary. Integrated closed captioning services are available. Additional fees apply.

Meeting Content Sharing

During live meetings, the Board Portal integrates with Live Meeting Manager to allow officials to refer to their review notes and annotations, capture notes within a dedicated field, receive visual cues as the agenda progresses from item to item, see speaker information instantly, and enter electronic votes. You can also enable Chair View to allow the meeting presider to call speakers and advance agenda items.

Minutes Setup

CivicClerk’s fully integrated Live Meeting Manager will automatically migrate all your agenda content. No manual pre-meeting minutes setup or agenda import is required. Move from the meeting agenda to the Live Meeting Manager module with a single click.

Personal Meeting Repository

Give officials a personal, secure location to review and take notes on all meeting content, including agendas, supporting documents, minutes, and media.

Post Meeting Actions

Use integrated post-meeting actions to create follow-up action items enhancing visibility and improving staff accountability. Instantly generate and publish post-meeting minutes and other final documentation. Automatically push agenda items or legislation to upcoming meetings.

Public Portal Dashboard

CivicClerk’s public portal provides valuable insights into how your constituents are interacting with your meeting publications. The Public Portal Dashboard offers a keyword analysis, so you can better understand for what content citizens are searching, while our other user-friendly metrics help you analyze trends and monitor citizen behavior and engagement so you can remain focused on those topics that your citizens find most pressing.

Record Roll Calls, Motions, and Votes

All meeting actions can be captured in one simple step, reducing duplicative processes. Record meeting actions on your desktop, laptop, or tablet, and easily copy similar motions and votes to other items. Publish to your public portal for easy access and transparency.

Resolutions and Ordinances

Assign an agenda item numbering to resolutions and ordinances to give users now have greater flexibility in implementing resolution and ordinance numbers.

Generate custom reports to provide you with the ability to run a report showing the following custom details related to a specific resolution or ordinance.

Search Tools & Content Filtering

Forget searching through paper files. With CivicClerk’s advanced search functions, you can locate current and past content quickly and accurately by keyword search, date range, and more. Then, download only those agendas, packets, minutes, and supporting documents you want directly from your search results.

Social Sharing and Subscriptions

Quickly and easily provide engaged citizens with the updates they want and need. Our Subscriptions feature makes it easy to notify the public automatically whenever new meeting content is available. Instantly share meeting content via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Speaker Management

Add speakers to the discussion at any time during the live meeting, while the built-in speaker timer helps keep proceedings running efficiently.

Video Bookmarking

Automatically timestamp agenda items to their corresponding discussion in the meeting video so those watching the recording can quickly access topics of interest.


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