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Never before have local governments been under such scrutiny to ensure transparency of documents and records. Juxtapose such expectations with citizens’ desire for on-demand, easy-access to local government news and information using a variety of digital devices and municipal clerks today are facing a unique challenge: How to make all necessary transparency documents easily accessible and consumable from any device at any time. In the quest for streamlined transparency, the importance of document imaging cannot be underestimated. There is little value to citizens for transparency documents to be available online if viewing them reveals they are poor quality, illegible, not searchable, and not easily downloaded or printed. To provide your citizens with the most stress-free access to digital files and records, understand the value of effective document imaging to your administration and your citizens, and then review our document imaging best practices checklist.

The Benefits
of Quality Document Imaging for Municipal Clerks Cost-Savings

Providing high-quality scans of your transparency documents is not just a nice-to-have component of your agenda and meeting management software. Consider the following citizen engagement benefits:

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