Everything You Need for Parks & Recreation Management is in CivicRec

Whether the public is using the recreation registration software to sign up for programs, renting facilities, or just browsing, you can be confident that your parks and recreation department is presenting an easy to use option for the public, minimizing their stress and effort in utilizing your programs and facilities. 



Give your recreation staff advanced and detailed settings for creating their activities which include child care, classes, drop-in, events, and leagues.

To help departments meet their numerous accounting and pricing needs, CivicRec offers multiple ways to setup pricing for activities including session fee, drop-in fee, payment plans, taxes, GL codes, add-ons and discounts.


Facility Management

Take facility rentals and requests online or in-office through map- and grid-based reservations, then use the simple click and reserve interface to complete bookings quickly. It’s easy to set waivers, prompts, and forms during checkouts using the same functionality available for activity registrations. Pricing is flexible and can be customized for easy refundable deposits.

A master calendar gives staff a quick and easy way to view available facilities, make adjustments, integrate reservations, and prevent double-bookings.

Facility Map

Maps or images of locations can be uploaded to show where various facilities are located at the location. Facilities can be labeled on the map. These maps are then presented to staff and public users through the booking catalog.

Membership Management

Membership Management in CivicRec is particularly easy and robust for the recreation department’s different membership needs.

  • Sell memberships and punch cards
  • Associate photos and avatars with members for use on membership cards and system profiles
  • Print cards or associate barcode key tags
  • Check members into a facility
  • Auto-bill members to ensure accounts are paid and current
  • View a history of all account transactions
  • Store credit/debit cards on file for future and recurring payments
  • Perform other membership functions - sending invoices, merging accounts, and more


With CivicRec, administrators can process a registration, book a facility, or sell merchandise in the POS screen from anywhere in the system - all through the same interface.

Options for UPC Codes, inventory tracking, tax inclusion and rates, user credits, item dates, prompts, and GL codes.

Stay organized by managing product categories and inventory and setting flexible pricing that includes multi-level tax support. To ensure POS items are location-based, CivicRec allow you to create specific screens for specific locations. Once you integrate your cash drawer and receipt printer, you can easily begin accepting transactions.


Staff has advanced access, control, and customization of reports. Then reports can be printed, exported, emailed, saved, and automated from within the system.

CivicRec offers over 100 canned reports from closing out registers to cash receipts and GL reporting. Completely customizable filters and report fields that can be saved for future use.

After creating a report, quickly email, export to excel, create and PDF, or display a graph.


You can dictate program registration opening and closing dates, including separation of resident and non-resident registration dates. When configuring schedules, users can select the facility, start/end dates, activity times, repeated sessions, and days the activity occurs. It is also possible to add or exclude specific dates from your programs. Facilities are booked automatically as program schedules are configured.


To give flexibility and control over data access, CivicRec offers powerful filters for location, program, reservations type, activity schedules, league games, and more. Easily view facilities by availability and share calendars to Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.


Activity Catalog

CivicRec enables recreation departments to create an easy-to-navigate catalog of programs. Administrators can build a customized, colorful catalog organized by category and easily searched and filtered by citizens.

Citizen Dashboard

Citizens can conveniently view notifications, inbox messages, and calendars upon logging in, then easily browse and register for programs and rent facilities.

They also have the ability to print receipts, view account statements, pay balances, update contact preferences, and more. 

Citizens can even edit and add new family members right from the primary interface.

citizen dashboard

Instructor Management

CivicRec’s instructor management solution allows clients to manage instructor lists, pay rates, and to allow limited viewing of activity rosters by instructors. Instructors may be assigned to one or more activities and have pay rates configured by a dollar amount per participant, a percentage of registration fees, or an hourly wage.

Contract numbers are generated automatically, and staff have the ability to add notes and can send the contract to instructors, download a PDF, or print the contract. Contacts can even be acknowledged electronically and tracked in CivicRec.

League Management

The League module allows you to set up registrations by team or individual, manage assessments, auto-schedule regular season games and tournaments with drag-and-drop adjustments, and keep track of game results.

Schedules, scores, and standings are available to players and parents from a convenient website link.

Customizable Templates

There’s a template for that! For everything from receipts, membership cards, and permits, there’s a fully customizable and professional template to take departments to the next level.

Financial & Other Integrations

We can provide integration to your selected payment gateway, for credit card processing.

CivicRec can produce a GL extract compatible with your financial system. We have interfaced with a number of different systems and are confident that we can produce a file compatible with yours.

Inventory Management

Entering inventory from any location can be done in Point-of-Sale management. It’s easy to create inventory entries by UPC scanner or manually by entering location, quantity, item, and any applicable notes. Users can also edit and adjust inventory as needed.

Tracking inventory history is available in the Inventory Log. The list can be sorted by Date, Item, Location, Quantity, and User, by searching text or quantity, or filtering by date. POS inventory may be deleted at any time and will not affect past transactions or receipts.

Marketing Built-in

CivicRec is marketing made easy. From simple word-of-mouth tools like giving citizens the opportunity to share on social networks recent signups to the ability to send out mass emails to current and past participants, CivicRec provides built-in marketing for park directors and program managers.

Mobile Experience

CivicRec offers clients and citizens the same great experience on a mobile phone or tablet as experienced on desktops. The mobile experience supports all the same waivers, prompts, discounts, and add-ons as the desktop version. CivicRec always tries to adhere to industry standards to ensure access by all customer populations.


Pending Rentals

Rentals that are in a pending status are shown. Pending rentals can occur when an administrator needs to approve the reservation or if the reservation was made internally and put in pending status or if public reservations are configured to “Require Administrative Approval”. Rentals from the pending screen can be approved, declined, or adjusted.

Permit Editor

As another method of reserving facilities, the permit editor can reserve multiple facilities on multiple dates at one time and have it all be under a single transaction. PDF Estimates can be generated. If the customer wishes to formally hold the reservation, the Estimate can be converted into a Permit.

Social Sign-on

Meet citizens where they are. With Facebook and Google sign-on options, there is no need for citizens to remember another password or create another account. Convenient access to their CivicRec account via social sign-on will help to encourage solution adoption and increase regular use.


Participants can automatically receive post-program surveys requesting feedback on programs, the organization, instructors, and processes. This information is captured and is presented back to staff to assist in determining how well programming is being received. Surveys also exist to gather feedback on Facility rentals.


Text and Email Alerts

There are several links within CivicRec that allow for mail blasts. Many reports and roster views allow for mass mailings with just the click of a button. The People Finder report is a particularly handy report that allows for mailings based on several different filters. SMS messaging facilitates particularly time-sensitive notifications like cancellations.


Easily generate tickets for events either through the desktop or mobile experience. Customers receive additional pages, along with a receipt, that contain the tickets. Those tickets can then be printed and scanned into the mobile check-in or desktop check-in screens. Customers also have the option to simply show the ticket code on a phone display instead of printing.


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