Where is Your Government on the Journey to Digital Optimization?

Ten-Question Assessment

Digital transformation is the process by which an organization future-proofs its operation by leveraging technology to evolve its internal administrations and service delivery workflows. It involves innovation, digital technology, leadership support, and a commitment to progress, and most importantly, resistance to the phrase, “But that’s how we’ve always done it.”

Local governments have been progressing toward digital transformation for years; however, the COVID-19 crisis and its mandatory social distancing requirements have accelerated their need to function administratively from a decentralized work environment and serve citizens online, not in line.

This assessment will help you become an agent of change in your administration and expedite your municipality’s digitalization efforts to identify where you are on the transformation spectrum and take the necessary steps forward to meet and exceed citizens’ expectations.

Complete the following ten questions, and get a link to the results of your assessment immediately emailed to your inbox.

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