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The Importance of Government Digital Transformation

Take our ten-question assessment to learn where you are on the digital transformation spectrum.

Get Next Steps to Improve Your Digital Optimization Efforts

In today’s rapidly evolving world, local governments face significant challenges in effectively serving their community members. From outdated processes to limited resources, these obstacles can hinder efficiency, transparency, and resident engagement. The communities that are thriving and fostering strong feelings of trust and satisfaction among residents are those that are harnessing the power of technology to drive digital optimization.

Take the Assessment

Where are you on the journey to digital optimization?

This assessment will help you become an agent of change in your administration and expedite your municipality’s digitalization efforts to identify where you are on the transformation spectrum and take the necessary steps forward to meet and exceed residents’ expectations.

Complete the following ten questions, and get a link to the results of your assessment immediately emailed to your inbox. You’ll learn:

  • What today’s modern residents consider a positive civic experience with their local government.
  • How an inconsistently implemented digital strategy can create frustrating experiences for your community members.
  • How to overcome challenges related to budget, newly elected officials, staff members resistant to change, or other systemic issues to achieve your digital optimization goals.
  • What software you can add to your tech stack today to save you more time and create even more positive resident experiences with your administration or department.
Take the Assessment

When you complete the survey, you’ll learn if you are a:

Digital Novice

Your administration relies heavily on paper-based, manual processes, which means you’re at the starting line of your digital transformation journey.

Digital Experimentalist

Your administration has taken a few steps toward digital optimization and is seeing some benefits. You need to elevate your primary core systems and workflows to create consistent resident experiences.

Digital Change Agent

You’re well on your way to creating optimized, contextualized, and revolutionized online experiences for your residents. You need to break down the barriers that stand in your way of continual progress.

Digital Difference-Maker

You’re setting a standard for what public sector customer service should look like in the twenty-first century. You need to refine your strategy further by assessing what components of your software stack are not future-proofed for continual optimization and what your residents want and expect to see next.

Digital Maverick

Your community is the community that others aspire to be. If you intend to keep setting the pace for your neighbors and delighting residents, you need a roadmap predicated on smart solutions that runs on passion and innovation.

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