Your Award-Winning Technical Support Team is Here and Happy to Help [Updated 2022]

Written by Jessica Marabella

Meet the award-winning team behind our Help Center, chat, form, and phone support.

Time. Our over 12,000 customers repeatedly tell us that they never have enough time. That means when they need help implementing new digital content, learning a new software feature, or training a new staff member, they can’t wait to do it on our schedule. So, we’re doing it on theirs.

Our award-winning CivicPlus® Technical Support Team is available via self-service content, live chat, form, and phone to assist content creators and software users no matter the question, concern, or need—and they’re happy to do it.

“I’ve felt great about the CivicRec support team. I do have quite a few questions daily, and they are quick to get back to me. The last few years with our previous vendor, the hold times were long, and assistance was minimal because they wanted to transfer clients to their new system.”

Shawna Davis, Customer Service Supervisor for the City of Kirkland

Our Commitment: Reliability and Availability

When asking consumers what impacts their level of trust with a company, offering excellent customer service ranked number one. Simply, relationships matter.

They matter to us as we continually grow our #CPfamily, and we know they matter to municipal leaders responsible for representing their customers. That’s why we pair on-demand videos and instruction guides available from our CivicPlus Help Center with convenient access to our award-winning technical support staff. Unlike other tech companies, our team is made up of real, full-time technical experts, who are really knowledgeable and really friendly.

“You guys are the best. The best customer service I’ve ever dealt with in any company. When we first started with you, I’d call the help desk and get a live person 99 percent of the time—I couldn’t believe it! It’s great. I can get support in a heartbeat. I can call with any question, large or small; it’s never a problem. You never make me feel stupid. You’re on the ball. You’re very helpful. And when a problem comes up, you’re on it.”

Bobby Cuomo, Media Systems Administrator, City of Pueblo, CO

We Don’t Do “I Don’t Know”

Gold_Stevie_2022_CropIt is not enough for a technical support engineer just to answer the phone when a client calls. Sixty-eight percent of people believe the key to great customer service is a polite representative, while 62 percent believe service insight and knowledge is also key to a good experience. We couldn’t agree more. We put our technical experts on the front lines of our commitment to exceptional customer service., and they’re meeting and exceeding the highest expectations. Thanks to their ongoing solution and service training, the results are evident.

Our award-winning Technical Support Staff receives, on average, 1,600 support requests per week, and we are proud to boast an average request resolution time of 1.3 hours, with an average of only 44 minutes to first reply—and are working hard to beat those averages. We also maintain a 21 percent request reopen rate, a crucial statistic that we closely monitor to ensure effectiveness of our support guidance. With a 71 percent one-touch resolution rate, we know our technical support engineers are not only giving answers, but they are providing education and instruction so that clients feel confident using their systems moving forward.

Our efforts to offer prompt, knowledgeable support helped our team to earn nine Stevie Awards, including a Gold Stevie® Award in the category of Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy.


Our Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Part of saving you time means never having to open a chat, draft an email, or pick up a phone. It means access to on-demand training documents, videos, and resources when you need them. Our solution-specific Help Center is packed full of helpful tips, tricks, and instructions, and continues to grow as we enhance and improve our solutions.

Led by our Knowledge Management Team, part of our Technical Support Department, we make an average of 690 article updates per week and add an average of 28 new articles weekly too. Our Help Center has become a trusted resource for our clients, so much so that it receives an average of 83,185 page views per month from our over 60,000 administrative users. Now that’s a lot of knowledge sharing.

Chat Us Up

Every department at CivicPlus® is committed to following and adopting the latest technology trends. For our Technical Support Team, one of our most recent digital service adoption techniques is live chat­—and our customers love it. Seventy-nine percent of consumers prefer live chats because they offer instant responses. Live chat also provides the highest consumer satisfaction rate at 92 percent.

The same technical support engineers located in our Manhattan, KS headquarters who answer our phones respond to chat messages. With our responsive chat service, we assist customers even more quickly than we can over the phone, and with our automated and transparent queue display, customers always know when the next representative will be available to answer their questions.

“The support team has been great. I’ve been using the chat feature when I have questions, and the staff is great. In fact, we know each other by name now.”

Geofrey Gabriel, Millbrae Recreation Coordinator for Youth and Adult Sports

To learn more about CivicPlus Technical Support, please visit, or join us on a virtual tour.