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Digital communication solutions designed for any size municipality.

“Other website development companies I have worked with do not respond as quickly...Plus, our website’s launch was flawless.”

- Nicole Smestad, Marketing Director for Grand Forks Library

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One tool to monitor and perfect your website’s accessibility, content quality, branding, SEO, data privacy, and core vitals.

"Five-star service. From the outset, the Monsido customer support has been second to none."

- Dean Spouszta, Senior Officer, Destination NSW

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Send emergency and routine notifications quickly, reliably, and securely.

“Our residents love the communications we send... It’s what they want.”

- Jim Doling, Cable, Web & Communications Coordinator, Township of Radnor, PA

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Grow memberships, participants, and manage activities.

“Compared to other software systems that I’ve used, [CivicPlus'] is the easiest most intuitive system.”

- Kim Whatley, Cherokee County, GA Aquatic Center Aquatics Division Director

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Time-saving digital optimization solutions.

“Anyone could use [the software] as either a stand-alone tool or integrated with their content management system.”

- Teako Warfield-Graham, Software Architect Engineer, Sandy City, UT

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Everything you need to make your agendas and meetings effortless.

“The things that frustrated us about our previous software are not going to exist anymore.”

- Angie Johnson, PHR, City of Franklin Deputy Assistant City Recorder

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Manage and Track FOIA Requests from Anywhere

"I estimate that I spend at least 50% less time fulfilling a request with NextRequest compared to how we were doing it before."

- Janet Chapan, Sr. Deputy City Clerk, City of West Sacramento

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Built to support strong communities and more efficient government.

“We chose [CivicPlus] as our provider because I really loved their passion for providing an application that improved the community and engaged our residents.”

- Brian Dehner, Edgewood, KY

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The nation's leading codifier: innovation in code digitization and online access.

"I feel that [CivicPlus'] Self-Publishing Software is cost-efficient and saves time. I also feel that their customer service is outstanding, and the software support team has been great to work with.”

- Pamela Spencer, City Recorder/Clerk, Vineyard, UT

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Social Media Archiving Software Built for Compliance and Transparency

“Social something that is transparent and needs to be preserved in case there are ever questions from the media or the public about what the county has done and why.”

- Bronlea Mischler, Communications Coordinator, Skagit County, WA

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End-to-End Zoning, Building, and Inspection Management.

“It's the easiest and most intuitive software that I've used. It was easy to implement, and it's been easy to train others how to use it too.”

- Jason Toohey, IT Project Manager, City of Nashua, NH

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