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The Latest in Video Streaming and Accessibility with CivicPlus® Media

Discover video capabilities to improve transparency and community engagement.

Original Air Date: April 16th, 2024

Watch the Webinar Recording

In today’s digitally driven world, residents turn to video streaming for news and entertainment every day. Video capabilities are an excellent opportunity for local governments to encourage resident engagement, especially when it comes to hosting live meetings and making recordings accessible for all. Not only does this allow for more participation, but it also upholds transparency.

CivicPlus® Media makes it easy for government officials to broadcast live events, capture recordings, and share video content with the broader community. Complying with the latest accessibility requirements and offering seamless integration with our Agenda and Meeting Management and Municipal Website solutions, this powerful tool is another way to keep residents informed and promote civic pride.

The recording of our live webinar, “The Latest in Video Streaming & Accessibility with CivicPlus Media” reveals how CivicPlus Media can:

  • Engage Residents with Live and Recorded Video
    Find out how CivicPlus Media’s professional, high-definition video capabilities help local governments share news and events, meet transparency requirements, build their brand, recruit employees, and foster community pride.
  • Manage Live Online Events
    For those using a video conferencing platform, CivicPlus Media provides increased security and control over live events. Video sessions are password protected, and moderators can mute residents and block screen sharing as needed.
  • Improve Accessibility
    In addition to live and on-demand closed captioning services, the webinar will cover recent enhancements to the platform that further accommodate accessibility needs: transcriptions, translations, and transcoding.
  • Integrate with Other Innovative Local Government Solutions
    Used in tandem with the CivicPlus Agenda and Meeting Management and Municipal Websites solutions, CivicPlus Media enables immediate availability of recorded videos for on-demand viewing with no additional steps or manual file uploads. These integrated solutions also allow officials to link meeting agendas and bookmarks, share content easily on social media, and more.

Find out what this tool can do for your community by learning from local government technology experts. Watch the recording now to gain all the insights from the live event.

About Your Hosts

Thomas Kaiser

CivicPlus Solutions Manager

CivicPlus Solutions Manager Thomas Kaiser works with our Agenda and Meeting Management Select solution. In his position, he is primarily responsible for ensuring our software continues to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Rachelle Cantero

Solutions Engineer II, Former Clerk

Rachelle Cantero is a solutions engineer at CivicPlus, focusing on our Agenda and Meeting Management software. Before coming to work in the private sector, she spent 17 years in government at the state, county, and municipal levels, holding positions in community relations, child support enforcement, and as a misdemeanor/juvenile coordinator for the victim witness division. Rachelle spent the last decade at the Town of Normal, Illinois, as the Deputy Clerk, an Engineering OA, and a Communications Specialist. In addition, she studied International Business at Illinois State University.

Eric Grant

Vice President and General Manager

CivicPlus Vice President and General Manager Eric Grant works with our Agenda and Meeting Management, Municode Codification, and Social Media Archiving solutions. Eric helps CivicPlus fulfill our mission of making government work better by collaborating with our product, sales, and marketing teams to ensure our solutions are meeting the needs of local governments. Prior to joining CivicPlus, Eric served as the President and CEO of Municipal Code Corporation. Eric also served as a United States Marine in the First Tank Battalion in 29 Palms, California. Eric and his family live in Tallahassee, Florida.