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Scalable Agenda and Meeting Management Solutions for Every Size and Budget

Software selection use cases from clerks across the country.


February 23, 2023
10 min

Customers love CivicPlus® products because they prove to fit the needs of governments large and small. We have two Agenda and Meeting Management solution options: Essential and Select. Both are designed with flexible add-on options so communities can scale to their unique needs at a relative price.

“I talked to about seven or eight vendors. We went with the CivicPlus solution because it was not too demanding on the technical side. We needed a simple tool for our Councilors to navigate and interact with.”

– Stacy H. Senskey, Certified Municipal Clerk and Clerk of Council, Ashtabula, OH


Our Essential, Full-Featured Option

Our Essential product has everything a clerk would need in an Agenda and Meeting Management software at a base price. Users can create and collaborate on agendas, manage live meetings with electronic voting, timestamp videos, and integrate with popular video services.

The best part is the sheer ease of use. The system is easy to learn and compatible with Microsoft Word. One CivicPlus customer with under 5,000 residents had no formal Agenda and Meeting Management software before partnering with CivicPlus and found the digital transformation saved them time and energy. The creation of agendas saves staff time as they can be made quickly, even minutes before a meeting. We also provide a detailed legislative history and archived minutes, giving staff and residents a look into how their local government has evolved.

Even if your department has never had a formal Agenda and Meeting Management solution, CivicPlus provides plenty of implementation training. From migrating over years’ worth of agendas to timestamping YouTube video files, you can feel confident you will be entirely comfortable operating your new software. Our solutions are highly intuitive, and we always provide customers with adequate support and guidance.

“We had never had a formal Agenda & Meeting management system and knew what would work best for the organization, and the software met our needs. An example is its ability to timestamp YouTube video files. We also appreciate the support we received as migrating over years’ worth of agendas was no small task.”

– Caroline Chung, Communications Manager, Brisbane CA


Customers also can bundle CivicPlus’ Municipal Websites and Online Code Hosting solutions. The same small community that implemented the CivicPlus Essential Agenda and Meeting Management solution also implemented a CivicPlus website and its online Code Hosting tool for its code of ordinances. When new code is approved or agendas and minutes are created, staff can instantly publish them on the website for residents to view.

Picture it — your website is visually stunning, easy to navigate, and simple enough to manage for non-technical staff.

A Flexible Select Option

Small to medium-sized communities that choose our Select Agenda and Meeting Management solution frequently tell us the functionality is well worth the price. They enjoy being able to add modules and design software that supports their needs. Our customer in Elbert County, CO, has been successfully serving their population of around 25,000 and enjoying the many unique functions of our Select Agenda and Meeting Management software.

“I spoke to some fellow clerks and asked for references. For the price and the functionality and how many meetings we can hold, and the a la carte menu for additional services, things like video streaming, this was the best fit for us.”

– Dallas Schroeder, County Clerk, Elbert County, CO


With CivicPlus, our customer support team never says, “I don’t know.” With a 24/7 live chat feature and the ability to call in, you know you will get a quick response and resolution. Schroeder commented, “I really like the live chat feature. When we are working on something and have questions, we can jump onto the chat and get a quick response.”

Additionally, the customer commented on quality improvements for communication with stakeholders. With departments located in five separate buildings, communication has significantly improved with the help of collaborative tools, permission settings, and robust workflow sets.

Our templates, as well as other capabilities within the software, allow for quick changes. Another use case, from Hillsborough Township, NJ, a customer with 40,000 residents (about twice the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden), has told us she spends significantly less time preparing, updating, and collating agendas and meeting minute documents. As a result – time spent preparing for meetings has gone from days to hours.

You can expect the ROI in paper and labor cost savings per year to outpace the Agenda and Meeting Management product’s price, as noted from a study we conducted with our customers.

The Most Robust Option

A customer that is home to over one million residents and used by over 350 government employees shows how our Select product is scalable for the future.

When asked, employees from the purchasing department were quick to comment on how the solution has improved efficiency. The user interface is both intuitive and easy to navigate. Employees also found that using the Template feature has helped them save time. This feature was designed to give users complete control over templates and make changes anytime. Simply copying and pasting items in templates has enabled a more streamlined process.

Another item that has improved efficiency and collaboration is the robust workflow feature set. Workflows with in-depth permission settings allow multiple departments to work together on numerous agenda items. This includes messaging, notifications, advanced versioning, detailed agenda, and item-level audit trails. Workflows run the purchasing, judicial, and clerk’s offices. These robust workflows allow for double-approval processes and minimize the need for consistent email communications.

Something that is also incredibly helpful is not needing to build agendas manually. This has freed up valuable time for local government employees. Thanks to the regularly updated media features, live video streaming goes on without interruption, to the clerks’ and residents’ relief. CivicPlus carefully developed the Agenda and Meeting Management solution to be scalable, flexible, and agile. There are multiple features to ensure that all governments have what they need to serve their unique communities.

Part of what drove the decision for this customer to purchase is the confidence that CivicPlus will continue to build a superior product that aligns with the needs of both the customers and residents. We maintain a customer-driven roadmap and a Customer Advisory Board (CAB), which provides feedback on our Agenda and Meeting Management software. Talk about a way to make governments work better.

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