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It's Our People Who Make the Difference.


Be Part of One of the Fastest Growing Companies In the Midwest

Current Openings

At CivicPlus we are a team of fun, passionate, smart, customer-oriented people who come together to Help Government—Work Better.

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Typical office hours are Monday through Friday, 8-5 pm

Going to work shouldn't be painful. Watch what makes CivicPlus different.


Work Perks

Why Manhattan, Kansas?

Ranks #2 on 2018 100 Best Places to Live

Living in the Flint Hills of Kansas



Check out this detailed benefit overview for more about what we offer for our employees!

  • Dental Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • FSA
  • 401k
  • EAP
  • Life Insurance

Company Discounts & More Perks!

  • Verizon
  • KinderCare Learning Center
  • Sparrow Specialty Coffee
  • Gaia Salon
  • 324 Speakeasy
  • And more!
  • Office dog, Patti
  • Pet insurance
  • Onsite notary
  • membership
  • Paid time off and 8 paid holidays
  • Personal development (CPiQ)
  • Massage chairs

Recruiting Team

Ever feel nervous talking to "HR"? No need.

We are looking out for others' success, including you. Put our names to our faces and get to know us today!

Hiring Process

Curious about the CivicPlus hiring process?

Check out how we interact with our candidates.

  • Job Opening
  • Submit Resume
  • Phone Screen
  • Manager Review
  • Panel Interview
  • Join our Team
  • Job Opening

    Our Recruiter, Patti, has posted the latest opening with CivicPlus and is excited to find our next team member.

  • Submit Resume

    Once you apply online, Patti will be able to review your resume.

    If you don't see the job you were looking for you can enroll in automatic notifications!

  • Phone Screening

    If your experiences align with the role, Patti will set up a call to learn more about you, your skills, and your abilities.

  • Manager Review

    Following the call, Patti will review your notes with the hiring manager.

    Although you may not be a fit at this time we hope you would like to be considered for future openings.

  • Panel Interview

    If you are selected to interview, Patti will be in touch. We will have you complete a project, which you will present during the interview.

  • Join Our Team

    Once the interview is complete, references are checked and the decision is made. Patti will then call and make you the offer to join our team.

    Otherwise, Patti will be sure to let you know if you are not moving on.

Current Openings

Recruiting Team Row 1.png

We're building a company people love. A company that will stand the test of time. So we invest in our people and optimize for your long term happiness.

Recruiting Team Row 2.png