County: Anne Arundel, MD

Population: 579,234

Product: SeeClickFix

Keys to Project

Citizen and county collaboration, digital service request management

How Anne Arundel County, MD Encouraged an 89% Increase in Citizen Engagement

In April 2017, Anne Arundel County 311 went live with the SeeClickFix 311 and citizen request management solution. The goal was to have residents and county officials work together to improve the quality of life in Anne Arundel County, MD. Mike Mann, System Analyst for the county, and his team worked hard to implement the system across several county departments.

A little over 2 years post-launch, the county has seen some incredible results. In the first year, citizens submitted nearly 7,750 requests. In the second year, county officials received 14,600+ requests for services. That’s an increase of nearly 89%.

“The amount of resident requests is increasing because the system is accessible and easy to use.” 

—Mike Mann, System Analyst for Anne Arundel County, MD

How Anne Arundel County, MD Encouraged an 89% Increase in Citizen Engagement

Excited for More Public Service Requests

Excited for More Public Service Requests

Increasing Public Service Requests

The county is proud of these results. According to the administration, their goal is to provide a wide range of opportunities for citizens to get involved and have a say in government. They believe that keeping citizens informed and engaged is the way government should work.


Before implementing SeeClickFix, citizens used a form on the county website or called in to submit their issues. Field staff and dispatchers worked hard to address issues but had a hard time closing the loop with residents and providing updates to their managers.

What‘s Changed Since Adopting SeeClickFix

To date, nearly 29,000 requests across 40+ public service request categories have been submitted. With simple-to-use reporting, management can see what’s coming in and what’s being handled by whom and how efficiently.

SeeClickFix helps dispatchers and field staff to quickly acknowledge requests, alert requesters when their issue is resolved, prioritize requests, and manage resources.

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Now, county officials have a better understanding of residents’ needs as SeeClickFix data reveals the most in-demand request categories. Here are the top three:

  1. Request a new Recycling Container
  2. Pothole
  3. Report Missed Curbside Collection.

What’s Next?

Knowing the most commonly reported requests helps officials streamline work behind the scenes to better serve residents where they need it most. Staff is improving upon existing system integrations they’ve built to ensure that county departments can work in the systems they know while communicating with residents via SeeClickFix.

The county plans to revamp their 311 phone system to make it easier to receive and route calls from residents. “We’ve got some really talented, smart people working to make sure our county works as efficiently and effectively as we can to best serve our residents now and in the future,” says Mann.

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