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How We’re Optimizing Our Platform for Small and Strong Communities

See how villages, towns, and small cities are creating positive civic experiences with our software.

Jess Marabella Headshot

Jess Marabella

Director of Content and Communications

October 31, 2023
4 min

We’re proud to build software solutions that fit the needs of communities of all sizes — from villages of 100 to counties of millions. We’ve created the industry’s first Civic Experience Platform, which local governments leverage to deliver municipal services to residents in personalized, one-stop, and frictionless ways. As a result, our customers tell us they now have an empowering, effective, and easy way to get things done — and positive feedback for their services is at an all-time high.

We’ve recently enhanced our solutions to fit the needs of small communities better:
• Make content-rich updates to your website with no web-management experience needed

• Integrate your website with our Online Code Hosting solution

Integration Demonstration:

• Integrate your website with our Microsoft® Word-based Agenda and Meeting Management solution

Three-Minute Solution Overview:

• Take advantage of our population-based pricing with bundled discounting so you can achieve optimal functionality, efficiency, and transparency

Success Story

Howey-in-the-Hills, FL, Population 1,651, Reduces Costs by at Least $25,000 a Year with Integrated Technology from CivicPlus®

Before implementing our CivicPlus Agenda and Meeting Management Essential solution, John Brock, the Howey-in-the-Hill, FL Town Clerk, manually created meeting agendas. It was often an arduous, time-consuming process.

“Everything was processed just in Word or Excel,” said Brock. “Before, I would have folders on a hard drive I would go through. When we wanted to make a packet, we would have to compress it into a Zip file. You’d have to put it in, say, Dropbox or something because email wouldn’t take due to its size. Every time there was a change, you’d have to repackage the whole thing together and send it out again like that.”

When it came time to look for an automated solution for agenda creation and meeting management, Brock was searching for solutions that would be easy to use, especially for non-IT staff. By adding our Essential Agenda and Meeting Management solution to the community’s tech stack, which already included a CivicPlus website and codification services, Howey-in-the-Hills leaders started saving significant time.

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More Inspiration from More Communities Under 10,000 Populations

We’re inspired to see how several other small communities leverage their CivicPlus tech stack to create digital platforms uniquely designed for their communities’ needs. Check out these beautiful websites

Populations Under 1,000 

Town of Clayton, WI, Population ~ 550
Yakutat, AK, Population  ~ 705

Populations 1,002 – 2,000 

Village of Capitan, NM, Population ~ 1,400
Mapleton, MN, Population ~ 1,600

Populations 2,001 – 4,000 

City of Breezy Point, MN, Population ~ 2,300
Glen Rose, TX, Population ~ 2800
City of Omro, WI, Population ~ 3,600
Chadds Ford Township, PA, Population ~ 3,700
West Pottsgrove Township, PA, Population ~ 3,800

Populations 4,001 – 8,000

Larkin Township Charter, MI, Population ~ 5,100
City of Hutchins, TX, Population ~ 5,500
Sewickley Township, PA, Population ~ 5,700
Prospect Park Borough, PA, Population ~ 6,300
City of Lander, WY, Population ~ 7,500

Population 8,001+ 
City of Springdale, OH, Population ~ 10,000


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Jess Marabella Headshot

Jess Marabella

Director of Content and Communications

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