CivicPlus® Celebrates Its Silver Anniversary

Written by Jennifer Elliott

25 years in the Gov Tech industry never looked so good.

Get the confetti and cake ready because it's our 25th anniversary. Thanks to all our customers, the last few decades have been extraordinary. CivicPlus went from being a website solution company to a leading global government tech provider. Yes, we said global because we have employees and partners spread across four countries. Your trust in us has made CivicPlus the modern civic experience platform. We strive hard to serve our 12,000-plus customers daily. In North America alone, over 340 million residents use our software.

As you have noticed, we've grown a lot — back in 1998, we couldn't have imagined how broad our portfolio would get. With this expansion comes the need to revisit branding across our fifteen municipal solutions. After two-plus decades, we've outgrown our former branding and will slowly replace our product names with straightforward software descriptions.

As we update our website, Help Center, and software interfaces, you'll notice the slow phase-out of our previous branding.

Here is a breakdown of our new, simplified product names for easy reference.

Former Solution Name

New Category Name 


Agenda and Meeting Management Select  

CivicEngage® Central  

Municipal Websites Central (Web Central)  

CivicEngage® Evolve  

Municipal Websites Evolve (Web Evolve)  

CivicEngage® Open  

Municipal Websites Open (Web Open)  


Code Enforcement, Permitting, and Licensing   


Process Automation and Digital Services  


Mass Notification System  


Recreation Management  


Municode Codification  

Municode Meetings  

Agenda and Meeting Management Essential  


Online Code Hosting  


SeeClickFix 311 CRM 

If you have any questions about these changes, don't hesitate to get in touch with your customer success manager or our award-winning technical support team. And no worries if it takes time to remember some of these new names — we're all adapting too. None of this would be possible without your continued, long-standing support and partnership, so we sincerely thank you. The entire team is excited about upcoming future innovations here at CivicPlus.

P.S.: Since it's our anniversary, we couldn't wait to share that our website will be getting a facelift soon. We're 25 now. What better time for a digital glow-up? 🥳