New Technology from CivicPlus® Allows Clerks To Push Ordinance Changes Online In A Matter Of Seconds

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Integrate Your Agenda and Meeting Management Solution with Your Codification Process

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Managing and maintaining your code of ordinances just got easier.

Thanks to CivicPlus, the process is as simple as submitting your ordinances to our Online Code Hosting solution (formerly MunicodeNEXT) directly after passing the amendment in our Agenda and Meeting Management Software.

CivicPlus Agenda and Meeting Management Software Integration

After clicking “Send to Municode,” you’ll receive an email confirmation, and your code will be scheduled for codification and publishing based on your contracted timing. Meanwhile, your residents can immediately view the newly adopted ordinances online. They will be noted as “Adopted Ordinances Not yet Codified” for total transparency.


Our technology also provides users with a link to meeting content associated with each ordinance you have submitted using our powerful integration. Interested residents can click the “Meetings” button and view the agenda, videos, votes and other information, bringing transparency and unparalleled access to the meeting process.

“I like this integration because it has removed steps in my process as part of my day-to-day,” said Fenwick. “I don’t have to remember to do this as a separate task—and now myself, staff, the planning department, and the public can find the ordinances instantaneously as they get posted right on the homepage of our online code of ordinances, faster than before.”

- Robin Fenwick, City of Port Orange City Clerk


Publishing Your Code Online Is Free, Quick, and Easy

Republishing your code with CivicPlus is not only easy but also completely free. You can republish your code in a few short months — and now that Municode is part of CivicPlus, you’ll get all the added benefits of partnering with the nation’s oldest, most trusted codifier.


Integrating Your Online Code of Ordinances with Your Community Website

If you have a website designed by CivicPlus, your residents can search for a particular term and get immediate access to results from your website, agenda and meeting notes, and code of ordinances — in one place.


Let Our Technology Save You Manual Effort and Put Time Back in Your Day

By leveraging CivicPlus’s industry-leading technology, you can effectively alleviate the headaches associated with manual agenda and meeting management documentation processes.

Click here to watch a recorded video demonstration of our time-saving multi-solution integration.