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We are proud to have earned the trust of our over 2,500 local government clients and their 55,000+ administrative users. Over 60 million citizens engage with our solutions daily. Knowing that our tools help so many individuals find local information, apply for jobs, stay informed during times of disaster, and be active in their communities, pushes us to continually evolve our solutions as the needs of local government evolve.

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IPAWS Emergency Notification Helps Bring Home Missing Family Member

It was a Sunday morning—Easter morning—in Blount, Tennessee. Lance Coleman, Blount County Emergency Management Director, was visiting with family when he received a phone call—the type of phone call any emergency manager would dread. A citizen of Blount County, a 77-year-old dementia patient, was missing. The man’s wife contacted the Blount County emergency dispatcher’s office shortly after 12:05 a.m. that morning to report that her husband had wandered out of the home in his pajamas and that she had not been able to locate him. The call initiated a seven-hour search for the man that encompassed a four to five-mile radius, thanks to the efforts of the County’s emergency response personnel, the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, and the County’s administrative leadership.

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How The Township of Radnor, PA Streamlines Mass Communications

Located in the Southeast corner of the State of Pennsylvania, the Township of Radnor offers its residents inspiring parks and opportunities for a wide variety of recreational activities, beautiful open and natural spaces, a vibrant shopping and restaurant district, convenient public services, and some of the highest quality schools in the region. According to Jim Doling, cable, web & communications coordinator for the Township of Radnor, the community’s local government has always maintained a citizen-first service mentality that sets the municipality apart. From twice weekly refuse and recycling pickup to convenient leaf and brush removal, to some of the most efficient snow removal services in the Northeast, the leaders in the Township of Radnor are committed to ensuring their residents have a safe, comfortable, and convenient place to call home.

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The City of Portsmouth, VA Tackles Website Accessibility Head-On

They say that Virginia is for lovers, and in the City of Portsmouth, there is much to love. With three centuries of historic neighborhoods nestled along the Chesapeake Bay, The City of Portsmouth is the type of community families love to visit, and that residents never want to leave. The municipal leaders in Portsmouth work hard to protect their community and their citizens and strive to give residents and visitors every opportunity to benefit from public service offerings and maximize all the City has to offer. In today’s world of digital-first communications and mobile device proliferation, a successful citizen engagement strategy has to focus on equitable and easy access to digital news, information, and resources, which is why the City of Portsmouth has long been committed to a digital content strategy that aims to ensure accessibility.

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Pinellas Park, FL Builds Citizen-Centric Website with CivicEngage CMS

When they think of Pinellas Park, Florida, visitors and tourists picture the City’s proximity to Florida’s pristine gulf coast beaches, its idyllic weather, and its welcoming atmosphere. Residents of Pinellas Park see all these local advantages and more, which has led the over 100-year-old community to realize a population boom. Its population of over 52,000 residents is growing, making it the fourth largest of the 26 communities that make up Pinellas County. Offering the best of both residential and commercial opportunities, access to the highest quality equestrian facilities and a convenient proximity to the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa areas, living in Pinellas Park offers convenience, opportunity, and beauty.

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Township of Morris, NJ Benefits from Easy-to-Use Government CMS

For outdoor enthusiasts and residents of New Jersey, there can be no better place to live than the Township of Morris. This beautiful, residential community is home to over 22,000 residents and several of the most idyllic parks and natural resources in the area. The Township of Morris is the type of community where summer days are spent enjoying little league games, hiking trails, swimming in community pools with friends and neighbors, or running in one of the Township’s monthly charitable 5K races hosted by local organizations. It is the type of community where its residents give so much to one another, that its leaders are committed to giving their residents everything they want and need for a happy home and satisfied lifestyle in return.

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Gulfport Saves Time on Agenda and Meeting Management with CivicClerk

The City of Gulfport, Mississippi, nestled along the Gulf of Mexico, is known for its outstandingly beautiful coast, and for being the type of community where families want to raise their children and citizens want to take part in the public dialogue. With a population of approximately 72,000 residents, Gulfport, Mississippi’s administration includes a seven-member board elected every four years that operates under a Mayor-Council form of government. Ronda Cole, the Clerk of Council, has been in her role with the city for over 16 years. Recently, she has been instrumental in the process of upgrading the city’s digital agenda and meeting management capabilities with the implementation of the robust CivicClerk® software solution.

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Port Orange, FL Chooses CivicClerk for Agenda and Meeting Management

The City of Port Orange, FL maintains a population of over 57,000 citizens. With a Clerk Department of four staff members, a City Council of four plus the Mayor, 18 boards and committees, and over 1,000 meetings per year, the City of Port Orange has significant amounts of agendas, meeting minutes, and transparency documents to manage. The City needed an agenda and meeting management solution that could be easily adopted by staff, that would integrate with its existing systems, and that was affordable. To fulfill its needs, the City chose BoardSync, now CivicClerk®, part of the CivicPlus®, integrated technology platform for local government.

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St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Goes Paperless with CivicHR

Home to over 52,000 Louisianans, the history of St. Charles Parish dates back to the eighteenth century. Originally established by German settlers, the Parish straddles the Mississippi River and today offers residents an idyllic community to call home. Known for its high-quality school districts and nearby oil refineries and chemical plants, St. Charlies Parish is the type of community that residents are proud to call home and raise a family.

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Jefferson County, CO Holds Usability Tests & Builds Responsive Website

From the plains to the foothills, life is beautiful in Jefferson County, Colorado. It offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, making it a popular tourist destination, and home for active, outdoor enthusiasts. Once an agricultural and mining area, today Jefferson County, Colorado is a thriving suburban, business, industrial, recreational, and residential community experiencing rapid growth and development.

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Bullard Informs Citizens with CivicReady Mass Notification System

The city of Bullard, Texas is an idyllic, residential community that approximately 4,000 people call home. With its borders stretching into both Cherokee and Smith counties, it offers the highest quality schools and a convenient commute to both the cities of Tyler and Jacksonville. Its ability to provide such a high quality of life to its residents, while maintaining its charm as a residential hub has put Bullard on the path of growth, as even more families searching for a safe, established community are seeking out a home in Bullard.

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Weatherford, TX Implements CivicRec Time-Saving Parks and Rec Software

The City of Weatherford, Texas is the kind of community where people want to live, work, and do business. That’s in part why its population of 30,000 is set to double in the next five to ten years. Located 20 minutes west of Fort Worth, Weatherford prides itself on its history and heritage, and for being the type of community that offers a family-oriented way of life. With so many families and long-time residents looking to take advantage of all the City of Weatherford has to offer, its Parks, Recreation, and Special Events Department was in need of a flexible, robust parks and rec management software.

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James City County Starts Fresh with CivicPlus County Website Design

When James City County, VA says that it’s the “Birthplace of America,” it’s no marketing spin. James City County is where the legendary explorer, John Smith, landed and set up the British colony of Jamestown. The history of John Smith, his encounter with Pocahontas, and the indelible mark they made on the early formation of a new, young nation, is woven into the collective history shared by all Americans, and it all took place right in James City County—truly the Birthplace of America.

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Denton, TX Launches CivicRec and Celebrates New Parks and Rec Software

There is always a reason to celebrate life in Denton, Texas. For this growing city that’s part of the recent boom of northern Texas communities, residents of Denton enjoy being part of a close-knit community, their two local colleges, their eclectic artists, vibrant downtown, and expressive music scene. The residents of Denton had a new reason to celebrate recently when their city’s Parks and Recreation Department launched new recreation management software. For a community that had previously utilized an outdated, cumbersome, difficult to navigate parks and rec platform, the launch of the CivicRec® parks and recreation management software from CivicPlus was a welcome launch into the twenty-first century, and a reason to celebrate with a community-wide launch party.

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Manistee, Michigan Redesigns City Website with its Partner, CivicPlus

The City of Manistee has been called the best-kept secret in Michigan. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan and situated in convenient proximity to Traverse City, Muskegon, and Grand Rapids, there is everything to love about life in Manistee. It is a community steeped in local history with friendly residents who are proud to call it home. Everyone who spends time in Manistee looks to enjoy its historic downtown, its beautiful beaches, numerous recreational opportunities and if they are lucky they will watch a great lake freighter as it navigates the river channel coming or leaving Manistee Lake to Lake Michigan traversing under two bascule bridges on its way.

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Chestermere, AB Partners with CivicPlus for Award-Winning City Website

Chestermere has earned the title of Alberta’s Oasis. This dynamic, recreational city, situated outside of the Calgary next to the pristine Chestermere Lake, offers its residents a laid-back, but active lifestyle. Chestermere’s idyllic nature has led to a recent population surge, making it one of the fastest-growing communities in the country. Only a decade ago, the community was home to 11,000 residents. Today, over 20,000 call the City home.

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City of Fairview Heights Partners with CivicPlus for Website Design

The City Fairview Heights, IL is known as the crossroads of prosperity. What does that mean for the residents and businesses that call Fairview Heights home? It means the city is dedicated to the personal prosperity of its residents, and the economic development of its business partners. From a more geographic perspective, the City is located in the Metro-East region outside St. Louis. Missouri. With over 3 million square feet of retail space, Fairview Heights has earned recognition as the retail shopping hub of Southern Illinois, making it a convenient location to live, work, visit, and do business,

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Plattsburgh, NY Partners with CivicPlus to Address Website Security

The City of Plattsburgh is known as the Lake City, and for good reason. It sits nestled against Lake Champlain, the pristine fresh water lake that separates Northern New York, from Northern Vermont. It’s the thirteenth largest lake in the United States (by area) and offers one of the biggest and most beautiful fresh water beaches on the east coast. Aside from Lake Champlain, the City of Plattsburgh is conveniently located on the outer edge of the Adirondack Mountains. It’s also a short drive to the entrance to the Adirondack Park, an area large enough to fit six of the nation’s national parks within its borders, including Glacier, Yosemite, the Great Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon.

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Burlington, NC Continually Evolves Website with Support of CivicPlus

The City of Burlington is located snugly in the heart of North Carolina. The community of approximately 52,000 citizens is proud to boast the presence of some of the state’s greatest water resources, as well as its heritage as a city born on the railroad in the late 1880s.