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It's Time to Go from Paper-Based to Paperless

With Recreation Management Software

Sick of spreadsheets? Buried under stacks of paper? Tired of straining to read the details on application forms written in messy handwriting? Your parks and recreation services are sophisticated. Shouldn’t your operations be just as high quality?

Learn how to transition from paper-based, manually intensive processes to a streamlined, simplified, economized digital recreation management solution.

Download our eBook to learn about the cost and time-saving benefits of going digital, and how your parks and rec department can successfully implement a sustainable solution.

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What's Inside?
  • Why paper-based workflows are inefficient and costly
  • Why digital solutions better meet your citizens’ needs and expectations
  • How a paperless solution can save your taxpayers money
  • How a digital solution can help increase activity registrations
  • Myths and facts about the benefits of digital administrative solutions
  • Six best practices for seamlessly transitioning to a digital parks and rec solution
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What our CivicRec clients think of us:

For participant use, it is the absolute best tool for them to browse through programs, to register, look at available rentals and to access information about times and locations for all programs.


Carrollton Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department

Since we have signed up with REC1 our membership, participants, and activities have grown tremendously. I recommend this product to any recreation department that is looking for a change in software management.


Hurricane City Recreation


We have had nothing but positive feedback from staff and clients on the ease of registering since making the change two years ago.Again, thank you for all your help and support, and looking forward to the future enhancements as they are released.


City of Kerman


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