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The Digital Optimization of Parks and Rec Post COVID-19

How to Take Your Recreation Operations Online Now



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When COVID-19 forced local governments to close their doors, parks and rec departments faced two critical issues: how to keep citizens engaged while keeping them safe, and how to continue operating from a decentralized workforce. Those administrations still reliant on paper forms or software installed on suddenly inaccessible desktop computers struggled in the early weeks of the pandemic to ensure business continuity.

If yours is a team that needs to make the migration to digital, cloud-based operations, this eBook will help you:

  • Justify the long-term benefits of online operations to stakeholders and budget allocators
  • Overcome common reasons for resistance among staff members hesitant to change
  • Plan your digital migration of key facility and activity management operations

BONUS: This eBook includes a bonus section with seven tips for choosing reliable software partners

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