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Don’t Let COVID-19 Wreck Your Recreation Efforts

Fact Sheet: Keep Citizens Engaged and Active with 14 Virtual Parks and Rec Activities


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14 Virtual Parks and Rec Activities

We believe that social distancing shouldn’t leave your citizens feeling isolated and unengaged, and we know you feel the same.

To help your parks and recreation department find new, innovative ways to engage citizens during the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve compiled 14 ideas for virtual activities. All you need to get started is your recreation reservation software and a video conferencing tool.

As communities shift to virtual event participation, we’re confident that many of these activities could quickly become long-term revenue rebuilders for your community.

Inside this guide you'll find 14 unique ways to inspire and engage your community, such as:

Offer Virtual Tours of Historic Locations
Create video content in which your local historians walk through your community’s most historic locations, offering education and insights into local legends and history. 

Host Virtual Yoga or Warm-Up Classes
Yoga offers valuable stress-relieving benefits that are critical at a time of uncertainty and worry. Work with yoga instructors to record guided yoga sessions, or lead live, virtual workouts while offering a variety of classes based on experience level.

Take Your Book Clubs Online
Book clubs offer valuable social and intellectual stimulation. Bring like-minded readers together with a virtual book club, facilitated by a member of your public library staff.

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