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Recreation Software

Community Parks and Recreation Management Made Easy

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Why CivicRec

CivicRec provides Parks and Recreation Software that can help centralize all of your Park and Recreation Department's operations. The cloud-based nature of CivicRec means that staff can manage their operations from anywhere - and on any device. Staff will find our interface to be both clean and easy-to-use. Your parks and rec department will also present a modern face to the public. Whether the public is using the recreation registration software to sign up for programs, renting facilities, or just browsing, you can be confident that your parks and recreation department is presenting an easy to use option for the public, minimizing their stress and effort in utilizing your programs and facilities. 

Let our experts walk you through how CivicRec’s online software can save your Park and Recreation department’s operations time and increase revenues. It is a complete online solution for your recreation software management. Our CivicRec team offers years of recreation management experience and provides real-time U.S. based client support from our office headquarters in Manhattan, Kansas. 

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Make Your Parks & Rec Software Easy to Use

See how other parks and recreation departments are presenting an easy to use option for the public, minimizing their stress and effort in utilizing your programs and facilities.

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CivicRec Overview

Why We Designed Our Software

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Why We Designed Our Software


Manage Activities and Facilities.
Easier Than Ever.

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    Robust Parks and Recreation Management Software

    An industry leader in Parks and Recreation management software, CivicRec provides an interface that is easy to use for both staff and citizens.

    Our recreation software contains robust tools for managing activities, facilities, and point-of-sale transactions with integrated functionality to manage memberships, instructors, sports leagues, and ticketing.

    CivicRec is the complete solution needed to run an efficient organization. There is no need to pick and choose as all modules and future releases are included with CivicRec.

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    Modern and Intuitive Recreation Solution

    From the citizen dashboard to built-in marketing tools, CivicRec’s all-in-one recreation software solution was built from the ground up specifically for local government. For citizens, the public portal allows users to conveniently track their activities, reserve facilities, and more. 

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  • Overview

    An Elegant, Customizable Experience

    Both parks professionals and citizens love the elegant user experience of CivicRec. The responsive design ensures that the public portal is optimized for any device to allow for a positive citizen experience. Accounting tools, reports, and other financial tool integrations allow recreation departments to share accurate data with their local government administrations.

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  • Simple, Scalable Pricing

    Big tools, small pricing. CivicRec features a simple pricing structure that is scalable to any size local government. With low startup costs, no hardware or software to install, and easy credit card options available, experienced project managers take clients from startup to live in no time.

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Switching Recreation Software?

 Learn more about what switching your rec software looks like and if it’s the best decision for your park department.

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Our Software

So what, exactly, does our software do? Among other things ...

Sports Leagues

You can organize and manage sports leagues year-round, using the same recreation management software you utilize for all other community activities.

Activity Registration

Make activity registration easy both in-house or securely online. With a fully designed registration page to match your department website, the course catalog is easy to use and search. 

Membership Management

Staff can quickly scan members in and out of the facility. Upon barcode or magnetic stripe scan, the member’s photo and status appear to department staff, and an audible sound confirms the member’s status.

Social Sign-on

Meet citizens where they are. With Facebook and Google sign-on options, there is no need for citizens to remember another password or create another account.


Create barcoded tickets with a receipt that customers can present either printed or displayed on their smartphone, and that staff can scan from their desktop or mobile device.


To give flexibility and control over data access, CivicRec offers powerful filters for location, program, reservations type, activity schedules, league games, and more. 


Administrators can process a registration, book a facility, or sell merchandise in the POS screen from anywhere in the system - all through the same interface.

Facility Management

Take facility rentals and requests online or in-office through map- and grid-based reservations, then use the simple click and reserve interface to complete bookings quickly. 

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Marble Falls

"Our membership, participants, and activities have grown tremendously. I can just pick up the phone and make a call and within minutes I receive help. The features within the system are so abundant that we only use a portion of what is offered!"

Bryce K., Recreation & Leisure Services Director | Hurricane City Recreation

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