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Why We Designed Our Software

Engage with your community more effectively

Whether the public is using the recreation registration software to sign up for programs, renting facilities, or just browsing, you can be confident that your parks and recreation department is presenting an easy to use option for the public, minimizing their stress and effort in utilizing your programs and facilities.


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Activity Registration & Membership Management

Reach your community with any activity through our cloud-based software

Create and Schedule Activies

Create, schedule, and organize programs, collect registrations, and communicate with citizens.

Manage Memberships

Administrators can build a customized, colorful catalog organized by category and easily searched and filtered by citizens.

Associates members with profiles

Easily associate photos with members for membership cards, system profiles, and invoicing.

Facility & Instructor Management

Everything you need to organize, reserve, and manage facilities for your community's activities

Manage Instructors

Manage instructor lists, pay rates, and to allow limited viewing of activity rosters by instructors.

Generate facility permits online

Generate and email complex permits, schedule programs, take in-house and online reservations, and schedule leagues, without double bookings.

Allows citizens to reserve facilities on their own

The facility rental options can be included in the public-facing catalog so citizens can reserve facilities for events themselves.

Ticketing, Point-of-Sale & Online Payment

You can process a registration, book a facility, or sell merchandise in the POS screen from anywhere in the system - all through the same interface.

Create barcoded tickets for events with a receipt that citizens can present either printed or displayed on their smartphone, and that staff can scan from their desktop or mobile device.

CivicRec® utilizes CP Pay as a payment gateway, which is part of our integrated platform and is accessible by all our unified applications.


Same Great Experience on Any Device

You can your citizen will have the same great experience on a mobile phone or tablet as experienced on desktops. 

With Facebook and Google sign-on options, there is no need for customers to remember another password or create another account.

Mobile Experience

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Dedicated to Supporting You

Award winning in-house support team

You’ll be able to reach us through phone, email or utilize our online support system for software issues, requests, or emergency ticket requests. Our online help center is available to you at any time and our emergency support team is available 24/7 for your peace of mind.

CivicPlus Support Team

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Using Snapchat to Connect with Generation Z and Millennials

Using Snapchat to Connect with Generation Z and Millennials

Park and recreation departments depend on generation after generation of park visitors to ensure their sustainability in the community.

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How Parks and Recreation Can Help to Reshape Public Health

How Parks and Recreation Can Help to Reshape Public Health

Some 97 percent of Americans live an unhealthy lifestyle according to the 2016 U.S. National Health and Nutrition Survey. 97 percent.

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Protect Your Parks and Your People

Protect Your Parks and Your People

2017 was a shocking and terrifying year that brought some of the most severe and devastating natural disasters in modern American history. It also saw the deadliest mass shooting that has ever occurred in the United States when a gunman opened fire on concert goers in Las Vegas from his position inside a nearby hotel.

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Future-Proof Your Parks & Rec Promotional Strategy

In an era when local governments and their parks and rec departments are resource-, staff- and budget-strapped, you cannot afford to implement programs that you cannot easily replicate. That philosophy is true when it comes to parks and recreation activity and league offerings, but it also applies to marketing and promotions.

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The Digital Transformation of Parks and Rec

The Digital Transformation of Parks and Rec

It is difficult to think of any role in public service that is as rewarding as that of a park and recreation director. What could be more satisfying than promoting natural resources, helping citizens connect with nature, teaching children the confidence that comes with new skills and helping to improve population-level wellness through the exploration of local parks, lakes and trails?

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What Your Reservation Data Can Tell You About Your Parks and Rec Facilities

What Your Reservation Data Can Tell You About Your Parks and Rec Facilities

By analyzing your program data, you can make informed decisions when allocating budget dollars and resources to annual programs. With the proper data and analysis, your parks and recreation department can accomplish many benefits.

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We know things have changed for you. Citizens’ expectations are on the rise while resources are dropping, and now, more than ever, you need a partner who can give you more. More solutions, more “aha” moments, and more tangible results for your municipality.

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