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How are You Creating Positive Civic Experiences?

Are you keeping up with growing expectations from council members, residents, and staff?

Are you struggling to pull together data to satisfy your council?

Have you had resident requests fall through the cracks?

With our Citizen Relationship Management software, SeeClickFix, you'll enable staff to promptly respond to resident inquiries and requests and empower community members to collaborate with local leaders on area improvements.

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Turn Problems Into Praise with SeeClickFix




Enable Personalized Interactions

Give residents an outlet to feel heard and a single tool for administrators to listen.


Make Better Decisions

Use SeeClickFix data to make your budget go further while planning for the future.


Do More - Faster

Eliminate duplicate requests and know exactly where issues are, and what they look like, before going onsite.


We built a one-stop tool for local governments to provide positive civic experiences.

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Service Request Tools

Brandable mobile app, website portal, Facebook app, & call taker interface.


Automated Issue Routing

Route and assign service requests based on location & category.


Duplicate Management

Automatically detect duplicate requests before they're submitted.


Workflow Acceleration

Connect to over 20 government technology solutions.

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Public & Internal Requests

Protect privacy & increase visibility with request types.


Two-Way Communication

Respond to people with status updates or questions.


Member Roles and Restrictions

Assign user roles and access levels to control the visibility of requests.


Make Assignments

Assign requests and work orders for operational accountability.


Request Escalation

Automatically notify supervisors when issues exceed their due date.


Work Orders & Resources

Assign work to track time and material consumption to know what it's costing to provide services.


Internal Commenting

Discuss the resolution of issues internally with team members without public visibility.


Report Card Monitoring

See which issues are being reported and how your team is performing against service agreements.


Custom Reporting

Share filtered reports via email at intervals you set.


Custom Questions

Resolve requests faster with category specific questions.


Data-Rich Requests

Resolve issues with geo-coordinates, photos, & comments.

Icon-20-1 Introducing Conversations

SeeClickFix Conversations allows residents to submit feedback, questions, and requests using the most common communication tools they already use daily such as text, email, or digital media. All messages are aggregated in a single interface and associated with individual user profiles for historical reference and more efficient issue management.

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You Care About Community.
We Care About You.

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4.5 Star App Rating on Apple, Google Play, and Capterra


12,000+ Happy Customers


8 Million+ Requests Resolved

Available Solutions Integrations

Maximize your team collaboration and resident service capabilities with the following CivicPlus solutions:


Integrate Citizen Relationship Management software into your CivicPlus® Municipal Website to field non-emergency service requests and deliver vital information to your community

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Pair your Citizen Relationship Management system with our mass notification solution to keep your community informed and safe.

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How to Get Started

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Tailor our Software to Your Organization



Meet Expectations

Build Trust and Transparency to Create Positive Civic Experiences


Give Residents a Way to Speak

Residents want help improving the quality of life in their communities. And with SeeClickFix, they can report issues in the time it takes to order takeout. Foster citizen engagement with a set of highly rated tools that include a mobile app, web portal, call taker interface, and Facebook app.


Give Officials a Way to Listen

Routing resident requests to the right departments has never been easier. Automated workflows assign requests to the proper staff based on a request’s type and location. Get more done, faster with custom workflows that adapt to your existing operations.


Give Staff a Way to Take Action

Equip staff with the tools needed to succeed in today’s public service environment. Web-based work orders, assignments, job statuses, and cost tracking keep you in control. And with integrations to more than 20 government technologies, your data can flow to where it’s needed most.


Give Government a Way to Share Results

Sharing results with residents and staff builds trust and confidence with both. Our analysis tools make it easy to compare performance across departments and to make data-driven decisions. And with a turnkey integration to Esri, you can analyze request data with ArcGIS.


How Can You Be a Serious Public Service Problem Solver?

With resident requests flooding in from walk-ins, phone calls, emails, and social media the risk of losing control is high. With CivicPlus' Citizen Relationship Management solution, you’ll have instant access to request statuses, your staff will get credit for the work they do, and you’ll be turning problems into praise.

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