Accept and Manage Citizen Communications from all Their Favorite Channels in Your New Favorite Inbox

Multi-Channel Communications from SeeClickFix

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Empower Your Citizens to Text, Call, Email, or Chat to Make a Difference

SeeClickFix Conversations allows citizens to submit feedback, questions, and requests using the most common communication tools they already use daily such as text, email, or digital media. All messages are aggregated in a single interface and associated with individual citizen profiles for historical reference and more efficient issue management. Messaging local government leaders is as easy as texting a friend. Conversations from SeeClickFix offers citizens a choice in how they can best contact their local government—whether through texting, email, online chat, and more. Citizens benefit from the convenience of contactless government services from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Personalize Your Citizen Interactions

With all your citizen’s feedback and question in a single interface, you can easily and quickly send personalized responses to each individual to help improve your community engagement. Each message is stored at the profile level, making it easy for you to track the interaction.



Multi-Channel Messaging

Citizens can use text messaging, email, walk-ins, chat and other digital media channels to contact their local government.


Single, Easy-to-Use Interface

No more missed calls or unread messages – a consolidated view makes it easy to organize, prioritize and personalize responses to each individual.


Document Communication History

Maintain a record of your correspondence history with each citizen for optimal citizen service and relationship management.


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