Boise State University Excels in Website Management and Accessibility with Monsido

Keys to Project: :

Automated web governance


Boise State University




Managing content for a robust website and ensuring information remains ADA compliant ADA.


Monsido powered by CivicPlus®.


The University can now quickly and efficiently create and run web governance policies.

Boise State University (BSU) has a relatively large website, totaling around 550 websites, 50,000 plus pages, and 11,000 documents. For the two full-time web accessibility employees and three part-time student workers, it was simply too much to manage manually.

BSU prides itself on being research-driven, inclusive, and accessible. Not being able to fix broken links or identify potential ADA liability issues left the school paying for a defunct web management tool and open to possible legal headaches. Ultimately, the previous vendor was replaced due to a medley of problems that were severe enough to render the system unnavigable completely.

The Solution

BSU needed a solution that would help them identify which documents were unreachable, provide an inventory of all content, and report on broken links and misspellings. After much research, BSU implemented Monsido to replace its previous website management software and help its editors maintain consistency, accuracy, and accessibility across its expansive content.

Why Monsido?

Monsido allows the BSU content team to optimize its expansive content continuously. Utilizing the Website Optimization solution gives the school tools that identify broken links, misspellings, outdated content, accessibility compliance issues, and other web governance optimization functionality. BSU’s team can maintain a trustworthy and accurate website that addresses the needs of faculty, students, and the community.

BSU can now quickly and efficiently create and run policies.

Critical Challenges Monsido Solved for BSU

  • Fully catalog robust website content
  • Diligent scan of all web accessibility and web governance checks
  • Quality assurance tool reports on broken links and misspellings for manual correction
  • Built-in color contrast tool enables compliance with WCAG standards when evaluating old and new content
  • Documents from the Public Health Office and other outdated content can be quickly identified and replaced
  • The statistics module helps the content team find specific data or show unpopular web pages
  • Inventory tools enable relevant page consolidation
  • Broadly identify internal vs. external PDFs on the website

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