How Stanton County, KS is Using CivicReady® In its Emergency Response to COVID-19

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Every community’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is personal and unique; however, we believe that shared learning creates stronger responses.


Join us on  to hear from special guest Vaughn Lorenson, Stanton County Kansas Emergency Management Director. Vaughn will share how he is using CivicReady as a critical part of his crisis management response strategy, what he has learned about managing COVID-19 crisis communications, and how he plans to continue to keep citizens safe and informed in the weeks ahead.


Your Guest: Vaughn Lorenson

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Vaughn works as the  Emergency Management Director and LandfilSupervisor for Stanton County, KS. Born and raised in Salina, Vaughn began his career in public service in 1987, working for The Stanton County Sheriff’s Department. He has dedicated much of his career to public safety service, joining the Stanton County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department in 1988 and working as an Emergency Medical Technician from 1988 to 2002. 

Throughout his career in Stanton County, Vaughn has assisted with many emergency responses in the County, including storms, fires, accidents, and HAZMAT incidents. He has also helped in several responses outside Stanton, including four of the largest fires in Kansas and fires in Colorado and surrounding counties.  

Vaughn serves as a member of the Kansas Division of Emergency Management Training cadre and has taught many of its classes. He has also taught law enforcement classes at Garden City Community College and currently serves as a member of The Kansas Incident Support Team, formally known as the Kansas Incident Management Team. He is a certified Planning Section Chief and serves on its Advisory Committee. Vaughn is the Vice-Chair for the Southwest Kansas Regional Homeland Security Group and a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Chair. 

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Your Host: Ryan Strait

As the CivicPlus® Solution Director of Constituent Services, Ryan’s focus is on helping CivicPlus design software and tools that help to close the gap between municipal administrations and constituent engagement.  With a focus on CivicPlus’ public safety, and citizen request management solutions, Ryan works closely with both the product innovation, implementation, and client success teams, to lead the strategic road map for her solution category, ensuring our solutions continually evolve to meet the demands of modern constituent engagement in the digital era.

Ryan is committed to solving the challenges that local governments face and continually gathers client and market feedback. With over six years of leadership experience with CivicPlus, Ryan has a keen understanding of the trends and needs facing the municipal space, and the latest advances in government technology. During her tenure, Ryan has overseen the successful launch of hundreds of client implementations and has led every project from the perspective of excellence in service, technology, collaboration, and innovation.

Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing from Kansas State University.

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Your Host: Jennifer Elliott

As the Marketing Manager for CivicReady, Jennifer’s focus is on understanding local government and emergency management’s needs and challenges communicating to citizens. She ensures that the benefits of the CivicReady system are communicated and being leveraged by our local government clients. She leads the marketing effort for the CivicReady product and assists Product Strategy with communications and implementations.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications and Journalism with a major in Public Relations from Kansas State University. She has over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, handling internal and external audience communications with a focus on marketing.