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Reduce Time Spent on Manual Accessibility Content Management

AudioEye is a comprehensive, managed solution. At its core is the Digital Accessibility Platform (DAP), AudioEye’s patented technology, which is fully aligned with WCAG 2.1 Levels A, AA, and AAA and ready for WCAG 2.1. The technology automatically checks for WCAG and Section 508, legacy, and 2018 refresh success criteria violations.



Activated JavaScript addresses a high percentage of common issues. Inclusion of AudioEye JavaScript on client website(s) provides auto-remediation.


Help Desk

Website users can report accessibility- and usability-related issues directly to AudioEye engineers so that they can remediate any concerns and notify end-users.


AudioEye Toolbar

This set of free assistive tools is embedded in your website to help users who may not have access to assistive technology or who need help consuming content.


Advanced Automated Testing

Accessibility is built into AudioEye’s technology. The solution tests automatically detect Section 508, legacy, 2018 refresh, and WCAG 2.1 Level AA success criteria.


Manual Accessibility Testing

AudioEye websites undergo technical analysis and manual testing by Assistive Technology (AT) testers and individuals with disabilities.


Maintenance and Monitoring

Ongoing automated conformance evaluation scanning and WCAG 2.1 Level AA testing conducted to ensure compliance and conformance.


Auditing and Remediation

AudioEye analyzes and validates all testing and authors necessary remediations to be applied through its dynamic remediation technology.


Accessibility Statement

Promote your commitment to accessibility and mitigate risk with a public statement regarding your community’s dedication to equitable digital content.


Dynamic Remediation 

AudioEye leverages JavaScript to apply automated and manual remediations, allowing you to remain compliant as you update content.


AudioEye Trusted Certification

The AudioEye Certification shows your commitment to accessibility and lets all visitors to your website see that your community is committed to accessibility.


Conformance Reports

A high-level summary of conformance evaluations and, when necessary, a Source Feedback Report with instructions for implementing source-code fixes.

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