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Don't Let Your Community Be the Next Victim of a Cyber Hack

Local governments are increasingly under attack by cyber hackers and extortionists, looking to ransom their data for personal gain. Learn how the threat of the cyberattack is evolving, and what you can do to protect your citizen and civic data and mitigate the risk of an attack impacting your citizens.

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eBook: Your Guide to Civic Website Security, Hosting & Redesigns

Protect Your Citizens and Their Data

Every local government needs a plan in place to protect their citizens and their communities from the risk of exposure and exploitation. Download our eBook to learn how to protect your data, and your people. We’ve compiled best practices in the areas of security, accessibility, compliance, systems, and planning based on our experience helping over 3,500 local governments plan and execute initial website launches and impactful redesigns. As you plan your next website redesign, make sure every decision you make will move you toward your goal of launching a new communication tool that will keep both your civic and citizen data secure.