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Mass Notification System

When Every Second Counts, Be Ready

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Emergency and Routine Communications Made Easy

CivicReady is an immediate multi-channel communication solution that allows you to reach your citizens, visitors and employees, no matter where they are in the community. Whether communicating routine or emergency news, CivicReady allows you to quickly, within seconds, alert recipients with actionable information using a single interface–saving you time, while amplifying the reach of your time-sensitive message.

We offer multiple reliable and secure measures for sending notifications. You can email your message from an external email account, text it in from your cell phone, call it in through our 24/7 emergency support team, or send it with a single tap on your smartphone using our mobile app.

From automated messaging to our powerful mobile apps, CivicReady offers the flexibility to allow you to quickly create and distribute news and information whether it’s in response to a local crisis, or simply a routine or internal communication.

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  • Blount County TN
  • Bullard TX
  • Royal Oak
  • Early TX
  • Randor PA

Can You Communicate Fast
Enough to Save Lives?

When Every Second Counts, Be CivicReady

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Emergency Notification System

Emergency Notification System

Routine Notifications

Routine Notifications

CivicReady and IPAWS

CivicReady and IPAWS

Emergency Notification System


Routine Notifications


CivicReady and IPAWS


Alert Your Citizens in an Emergency. Improve Daily Communications.

  • Emergency
  • Routine
  • CivicReady Emergency Notifications

    Our innovative cloud-based system enables you to communicate trusted and timely information during an emergency, whether the threat is a natural disaster, a fire, an active shooter, or some other imminent threat to your citizens. CivicReady integrates with IPAWS, offers geo-targeting, and IVR polling capabilities.

    When a disaster strikes and every second counts, CivicReady provides emergency managers the greatest number of options for creating and distributing notifications, including:

    • One-click quick launch message templates
    • Mobile app
    • Text, Email, or Phone-in

    Key Modules for Emergency Notifications

  • Routine Notifications

    Sending routine notifications is as simple as sending an email. Our user-friendly, one-click messaging interface empowers you to quickly compose a new message or use a pre-written, event-specific template. 

    You'll be able to easily create targeted and effective communications from multiple approved administrators, including:

    • Internal employee communications
    • Office closures and scheduled updates
    • Meeting agendas and locations
    • Special announcements
    • Updates to citizen groups
    • Reminders or instructions to teams or departments

    Key Features for Routine Notifications

    • Rich Text Notifications
    • One-Click Messaging
    • Scheduled Notifications
    • Unlimited Templates
    • Interdepartmental Communications

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Our Software

So what, exactly, does our software do? Among other things ...


Communication with your citizens is essential to every aspect of local government, so we ensure your capacity to communicate with your citizens is not limited by messaging, users, or subscribers.


From localized power outages, to road construction projects, to wildfires, and criminal activity, geo-targeting enables municipalities to quickly alert individuals in the affected area.


Our Alert app gives you the power to quickly launch alerts and enable notifications from the palm of your hand, while empowering your citizens to sign up, manage and receive notifications from their phone.


Citizens can select their preferred language, allowing you to send messages that can be automatically translated for them in up to 11 different languages.


Reporting allows you to view and capture engagement statistics, including the status of delivered and undelivered messages and the percentage of confirmed contacts.


Notifications are automatically dispersed to your subscribers as soon as an alert is activated by the National Weather Service.


Interactive Polling with interactive voice response (IVR) enables you to conduct polls and surveys via the Text-to-Speech voice engine.


In a crisis, you need to be able to alert and convene key personnel instantly. You can use Conference Bridge to calls out to the relevant staff, without having to wait for them to dial in.

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CivicReady allows local governments to inform and protect their citizens in a time of need. In addition, they have the ability to send routine communications to their employees. Complete the form below and see if CivicReady is right for you.