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Is your current mass notification system holding you back?

Is sending targeted communications to your community a challenge?

Are you worried that you won’t be able to notify your citizens when a disaster strikes?

Do you find it difficult to keep your citizens and staff well informed?

Does your current mass notification system lack integration capabilities?

Does your current mass notification system lack multilingual messaging capabilities?

Do you wish you had mobile capabilities to manage your internal team during a crisis?

Take a self-guided demo of our powerful mass communication system and experience how fast and stress-free it is to create, test, and deploy an urgent message.

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Communicate Fast Enough To Save Lives with CivicReady



Avoid Being Unprepared

Get access to easy-to-use templates so you can sleep better at night.


Reach Citizens & Staff With Vital Information

Use your mass-notification system to send alerts for inclement weather, road closures, natural disasters and more.


Feel Confident When a Disaster Strikes

Rest assured that you have the systems and support you need to keep your community safe.

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Communicate Quickly & Save Lives

We understand the pressure and responsibilities that emergency managers have.

We’re here for You.

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More than 60,000 text notifications can be sent per minute in an emergency


Local governments ranging in size from 1,000 to 2,000,000 population trust CivicReady


More than 14,000,000 citizens rely on CivicReady to keep them informed and safe


An Easy-to-Use, Reliable, Mass Notification Solution

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Emergency Notifications

Issue warnings and instructions during such events as natural disasters, active shooter situations, evacuations, emergency road closures, pandemics, and terrorist threats.


Routine Notifications

Our user-friendly, one-click messaging interface empowers individuals of all technical abilities to quickly compose a new message or use a pre-written, event-specific template.

Automated Alerts

Automated Alerts

Automated alerts can be disseminated via the National Weather Service (NWS), Text/SMS notifications, and messaging APIs.

Multilingual Messaging

Multilingual Messaging

Automatically translate and send messages in up to 60 different languages.

Integrated Mobile App

Integrated Mobile App

Administrators can issue alerts anytime, anywhere, while citizens benefit from time-sensitive alerts directly on their mobile devices.


Administrative Access

Customizable administrative access settings and reliable hosting mean in times of emergency, system security will be your last concern.


Conference Bridge

Never worry about how long it might take to gather critical personnel onto a conference call. Connect decision-makers on a unified call to enable urgent next step planning.


Integrate with FEMA’s IPAWS

Reach unsubscribed citizens and travelers during an emergency via the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.


API Suite

Integrate with almost any third-party system that is API capable to streamline communication and expand your citizen reach, including in-building, outdoor, local area alert systems, and your CivicPlus solutions.


Stop Struggling To Quickly Get Important Communications and Notifications To Your Citizens and Be The Trusted Source For Your Community With CivicReady

The pandemic has forever changed the way that people choose to get their communications and notifications related to their community. Unfortunately, many software mass communication tools can be unreliable and difficult to use. With CivicReady as your reliable, cloud-based communication solution, you’ll be able to easily broadcast alerts, have peace of mind knowing your citizens are safe, and be the trusted source in your community.

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