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Mass Notification System

Reliable Communications Made Simple


Emergency and Routine
Communications Made Easy

It’s 6 a.m. and your cell phone rings. It’s the chief of police and he’s called to notify you that one of the largest factories in your community suffered an explosion and has gone up in flames. Emergency responders are on the scene, but are calling for an immediate evacuation of a multi-block area because toxic chemicals at the plant may cause a deadly cloud of smoke over nearby neighborhoods. Seconds count in a situation like this. How do you notify your citizens and keep them safe? CivicReady has the capability to alert citizens who are in the direct path of the emergency, and gives you the tools to quickly send notifications via mobile (text/voice) phone, landline phone, email, social media, and many other channels.

When an event like this occurs in your community, whether you are a community of a thousand or a million, you need a communication solution that is easy to use and effective. CivicReady is an immediate multi-channel communication solution that allows you to reach your citizens and visitors, no matter where they are in the community. Whether communicating routine or emergency news, CivicReady allows you to quickly, within seconds, alert citizens with actionable information using a single interface–saving you time, while amplifying the reach of your time-sensitive message.

CivicReady Emergency Notifications

Who can use CivicReady?

  • City and County Administrators
  • Emergency Management Personnel
  • Fire Department
  • Police Department
  • Public Health Officials
  • Public Information Officers
  • Department Directors and Managers
  • Other Staff

Emergency Notifications Systems

Alert your citizens in the event of an emergency

CivicReady can be used to effectively communicate emergency instructions or warnings in a matter of moments. Police can send out alerts to a specific geographic area to warn of an active shooter situation using the geo-targeted notifications available through the ESRI mapping feature. Fire Department personnel can leverage the two-way communication feature of CivicReady to report back to others from the scene of a fire and request additional firefighters or equipment. CivicReady is a powerful tool that can be leveraged by local governments in preparation for emergency notification and response. When seconds count and lives can be saved, count on CivicReady for your communication needs.

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Routine Notifications Systems

Make your daily communications more effective.

CivicReady can be used to communicate with any group of people that a local government might interact with, including citizen groups, departments, employees, inter-departmental communications and other groups. Our innovative and intuitive user-friendly interface can be used by individual departments to create and send regular, or even daily, citizen notifications. Local governments may need to communicate with employees about important notifications such as office closures. The City Manager could communicate with a group of interested citizens regarding upcoming City Council meetings and agenda items. There are numerous ways to use CivicReady in routine communications for local government.

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Why CivicReady?

  • Responsive service and support – The highest quality live and accessible 24/7 support team
  • Easy to use – Consistent workflow process for all communications, from emergency notifications to day-to-day notifications
  • Expert insights – Emergency communication experts with 20 years of experience serving 2,500+ local governments
  • Superior and innovative integrations and features – Including two-way communications and a convenient mobile app
  • Reliable – Optimized message speeds, security, and uptime

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CivicReady allows local governments to inform and protect their citizens in a time of need. In addition, they have the ability to send routine communciations to their employees. Complete the form below and see if CivicReady is right for you.