Best Practices for Transitioning

to a New Agenda and Meeting Management Software

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People Don’t Always Like Change.

It’s a fact of life. Even when we know change is needed—a bigger house, a new job, a more reliable car—many of us feel a deep-rooted desire for consistency and avoid the difficulties that often come with a new routine, tool, or system. This reality is as real in our day-to-day business operations as it is in life—especially when it comes to a software transition, a phrase that often elicits groans and clicks on the kick-off meeting declined button.

Even for those who don’t like change, there’s good news. When it comes to the agenda and meeting management software you rely on today to create and distribute agendas, meeting minutes, and manage documents and video files, you don’t have to be so afraid of the transition that you continue to use software that is no longer meeting the needs of your local government. Our experts in municipal meeting management have weighed in on the best practices for planning and executing a transition to a new agenda and meeting management software so you can lead an efficient, outcomes-driven implementation. 

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