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Local Government Website Design

for Municipalities, Counties & Municipal Departments

Learn how simple it is to redesign your website with our free website redesign kit. 

Design Your Website. Engage Your Community.

Built for local governments by the experts in local government, the CivicEngage® content management system (CMS) is an easy-to-use software platform for designing an engaging civic website and enabling streamlined web-based processes.

Our CMS is ideal for Small to Large Cities, Towns/Townships, Counties/Parishes, Emergency Management Organizations, Fire Authorities/Departments, Law Enforcement/Public Safety Organizations, Port Authorities, Water Authorities, and Municipal Intranets.


  • Award Winning
  • Training &
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  • Ease of Use &
  • Responsive
  • CivicEngage Platform

    Website Design Experience Local Governments Rely On

    We don’t believe in rigid templates, inflexible platforms, or standard anything. We believe that people form communities, and hometowns are brands we love.

    That’s why every local government website we design is customized and personalized by our award-winning design team, so your homepage feels like home.

    Using data from your existing website, our experts will analyze all available information to inform the layout, navigation, and key functionality of your municipal website.

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    Key Modules for Local Government Websites:

  • CivicEngage Platform

    Customized Training and Consulting

    We believe continual education allows for constant evolution. To help ensure your web presence is constantly evolving, we offer a variety of tools and resources that will help support your citizen engagement goals.

    For those local governments looking to reimagine their digital presence, our strategic experts offer customized on-site or virtual consulting. Together, we will collaborate to strategize how our solutions can help you meet your engagement goals.

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    Ongoing Expert Training & Consulting Includes:

  • CivicEngage Platform

    Compliance and Accessibility

    Every citizen in your community deserves equitable access to your digital content. Web accessibility standards ensure content can be easily accessed by all citizens, which is why as an industry leader in local government web development, every CivicEngage website is built using the highest accessibility standards.

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  • CivicEngage Platform

    Cybersecurity Protections

    Cybersecurity is a consideration for every industry, including local government. As the industry leader with over 2,500 clients, the protection of your community’s data, and the privacy of your citizens, is our number one priority.

    Our security experts are pressure-tested, having successfully overcome several attempted attacks on high-profile local governments. Our success in protecting our client's communities assures the strength and security of our advanced technology systems.

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  • Cody Wyoming CivicEngage Website

    Ease of Use & Integration with Existing Systems

    Our CMS has been designed to provide optimal flexibility and control using a single intuitive interface so you can easily edit and enhance your CivicEngage website. Allowing you to customize content without requiring web development coding skills, our CivicEngage features and modules offer you limitless content creation possibilities.

    Already using system applications essential to your operations? Our available application programming interfaces (API) allow you to integrate our comprehensive CMS solution with a variety of third-party software systems. By giving you the ability to enhance your existing systems, we help you maximize the tools you need to connect with your citizens.

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    Our Powerful Integrations & Custom Programming Includes:

  • Website Support

    Responsive Support

    Let us help you do more, faster. When you choose CivicEngage you partner with a team of municipal website experts who act as extensions of your administrative team, prepared to answer your questions, and offer emergency assistance 24/7/365.

    In addition, every client is paired with a strategic, dedicated account management resource. Our account managers are trained in the latest government website best practices and will work to understand the needs of your community and how our solutions can help you meet your goals and evolve your website as the needs of your community evolve.

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Find the Citizen Engagement Solution for You

With over 20 years of experience serving local government, we have customized our solution to fit the needs of the public sector







Don’t think one of these plans are for you? No worries, we will work with you to provide you with the best options for your citizens and employees. Click here to contact us.

Time-Saving Solutions for You and Your Citizens


Document Center

Our most popular feature, used by 97 percent of clients, the Document Center serves as a convenient, integrated repository for civic documents, forms, and other files that administrative staff and citizens need to access.

Agenda Center

The Agenda Center allows key stakeholders to collaborate on meeting agendas and then publish final documentation online for public record using one simple and streamlined system.

Archive Center

Store all documents that must be retained and accessible to citizens to comply with government regulations using a single interface that seamlessly integrates with your civic website. The Archive Center makes public records conveniently sortable, searchable, and accessible.


Notify Me®

The Notify Me feature serves as the cornerstone of your citizen communication and engagement strategy. This communication subscription tool allows citizens to subscribe to receive multi-channel notifications on only those topics that matter most to them.


You know your local media isn’t likely to pick-up your press release, which means you need to tell the story yourself in an impactful way. Using the Blog feature, you have the freedom to tell your story, add multimedia elements such as photos and videos, and then share it across all your available communication channels.

Community Connection

The Community Connection feature is a two-way communication tool designed to allow citizens to contribute in their communities and interact with one another. It local governments to offer a controlled, hyper-local community forum that citizens control.

Community Voice

Community Voice provides municipalities with a platform for soliciting citizen feedback on community topics. It is a designed to gain input from citizens through defined initiatives as well as citizen-inspired initiatives.

Alert Center

Communicate important information to citizens quickly and efficiently by integrating the Alert Center feature into your CivicEngage website. The Alert Center allows administrators to post important information in a highly visible position within a CivicEngage® website, and send detailed, immediately relevant information from a single interface.

My Account

Allow site users to create their own profiles and participate in site-wide interactive dialogue with one another, as well as with site administrators. Citizens can communicate directly with each other via message, post ideas, and share suggestions.

Function Specific
for Local


Online forms mean less paper, and fewer walk-ins, which save your administrative staff time, not to mention filing space. Imagine eliminating a significant portion of the papers that cross your desk and the phone calls you triage every day.

Job Postings

Find talented and qualified employees to join your administrative team by quickly and easily posting open job positions to your civic website using the Job Postings feature—no IT support needed.


The Facilities feature also allows for streamlined civic resource management. Allow administrative staff and citizens to reserve community resources through a single platform. The Facilities feature eliminates the risk of booking conflicts, limits paperwork, and reduces reservation phone calls and walk-ins.


The Activities feature allows individual departments to build and post easy-to-navigate lists of available community activities, events, and classes. Citizens can conveniently review and register for open activities online.

Bid Postings

With the CivicEngage Bid Postings feature, you can manage bids for all departments using an intuitive interface that is fully integrated with your CMS. No separate systems or workflows required.

Specialized Content


Community events are some of the most important pieces of information your citizens are seeking on your civic website. Utilized by 96 percent of clients, the CivicEngage Calendar feature allows administrators to more easily and seamlessly manage digital community event calendars.

News Flash

Alert citizens when news breaks using the News Flash feature. Citizens turn to their civic leadership for important, and essential information in times of breaking news that impact the community.


Every community administrator receives frequently asked questions. Most of the time they surround processes, phone numbers, department hours, and document access—all types of questions that can be self-serviced by citizens with access to an intuitive and comprehensive online FAQ solution.

Quick Links

Use the Quick Links feature to easily create a designated area on your website where citizens can go to find direct links to the most commonly requested site areas, documents, and forms. Categorize topics by relevancy for ease of search.

Staff Directory

Our Staff Directory feature allows you to quickly and easily create new entries, or modify existing records. Organize staff by departments or divisions for ease of citizen or internal search functionality.

Media & Resources

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Accessibility Webinar


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Website Redesign Toolkit


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