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Are You Struggling With Your Current Agenda Management Process?

Do you wish you had online access to your public records?

Is making sure that all of your documents are ADA accessible a priority?

Is your current agenda management software holding your back?

Are you struggling to be transparent with your citizens?

Have you experienced difficulty getting your current processes online?

Do you find that you don’t have enough time to do everything you need to do?

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Streamline Your Agenda Management Process and Save Time With CivicClerk Software

Avoid Being Unprepared

Avoid Being Unprepared

Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Get More Done For Your Citizens

Get More Done For Your Citizens




Everything You Need to Make Your Agendas & Meetings Effortless


Agenda Collaboration and Distribution

Easy-to-use item entry allows content contributors to save time by entering agenda items, uploading attachments, and sending through approvals workflow with a few clicks. Publish agendas and minutes directly to your CivicEngage® website.


Personal and Secure Board Portal

Give officials a personal, secure location to review and take notes on meeting content, including agendas, supporting documents, meeting minutes, and media. Keep board members in sync with in-meeting visual cues and integrated electronic voting.


Integrated Live Meeting Manager

Move from the meeting agenda to the Live Meeting Manager with a single click. Quickly record roll call, discussion, motions, votes, and speakers. Easily update in-chamber displays, set video bookmarks, and queue items for board members.


Live Streaming and On-Demand Video

Share live and on-demand video of your meetings with CP Media. Live and on-demand captioning services are also available to ensure equitable access per ADA standards.


Insightful Analytics

The intuitive analytics interface allows you to create, save, and export custom data models, giving you the control over your data you need to inform your decision-making.


Boards and Committees Module

A single hub to manage all board related logistics. Track terms, appointments and applicants. Interactive dashboards give you the tools you need to keep board information up to date.

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As Former Municipal Clerks, We Understand the Challenges You Face.

We’re Here for You.

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We have former municipal clerks on staff

We have helped hundreds of local municipalities

Countless citizens that are now more informed and happier


“With CivicClerk, now we can install the kinds of hard deadlines for agenda items and supporting documents that we weren’t enforcing before... I love that we can email follow-up tasks directly to content contributors to request documents. If they don’t meet our deadlines, then they know that their item will be bumped to the next meeting.”

- Dallas Schroeder, Elbert County Clerk

It's Time to Streamline Your Agenda Management and Make a Plan


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Stop Stressing Over Managing Your Meetings and Save Time with CivicClerk

The average clerk spends more than 25% of their time handling the meeting process, removing focus from serving citizens. With CivicClerk, you’ll streamline your agenda management process online, you’ll get more done and put more time back in your day.

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