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Agenda and Meeting Management for Local Government

Effortless. Automated. Collaborative.

Why CivicClerk

It's time to move your meetings forward. Ditch the stacks of paper that accumulate with every meeting and forget endless hours of copying, bookmarking, distributing and amending meeting agendas.

CivicClerk®, formerly BoardSync, is the fastest, most intuitive way to automate agenda management, meeting minutes management, and the sharing of meeting content with board members, staff, and your citizens.

Our CivicClerk solution has been specifically designed to enable local governments to:

  • Streamline the entire agenda packet collaboration and approval process
  • Record roll calls, motions, votes, speakers, and discussions
  • Document and share interactive meeting minutes
  • Share live and recorded video with closed captioning using CP Media
  • Increase board member productivity with accessible, searchable records
  • Set administrator-specific access levels
  • Provide transparency and instant access to public data
  • Reduce paper and increase staff efficiency with mobile-optimized solutions

CivicClerk Overview

Why We Designed Our Software

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Eliminate Tedious Tasks.
Get More Done.

  • Streamline
  • Empower
  • Meeting
  • Demonstrate
  • Agenda Management

    Streamline the Entire Agenda and Packet Process

    CivicClerk’s Agenda Management module instantly eliminates all your time-consuming, manual tasks so you can focus on other important responsibilities. With our agenda management platform, you can spend less time waiting for the copy machine and chasing down signatures, and more time serving citizens in your community.

    Learn More About Agenda Management

  • Meeting Minutes

    Record Roll Calls, Motions, Votes, Speakers, and Discussions

    With CivicClerk’s Meeting Minutes module, all processes are consistent, repeatable, and offer an intuitive way to submit items for approval and packet inclusion, all within administrator-set access limits. Deep user security provides each staffer with only the functions they need.

    Learn More About Meeting Minutes

  • Board Portal

    Instantly Access All Meeting Content From Any Device

    Whether your board members prefer to use a desktop, laptop, AndroidTM or iOS® smartphone or tablet, by using CivicClerk’s Board Portal module, they’ll be able to easily access and manage meeting content. With our mobile-optimized agenda management solution, board members can access, view, annotate, and comment on packets in the office, at home, or on the go.

    Discover the Board & Citizen Portal

  • Provide Convenient Access to Public Data

    CivicClerk supports open government. Our agenda management software allows local governments to meet transparency and disclosure requirements for meetings effortlessly.

    All public meeting content is instantly and automatically available once the agenda and packet are published, and email notices are automatically sent. Our powerful platform makes it easy to understand key metrics by using our dashboards to track and analyze how the public is utilizing the system.

    Get Started with CivicClerk

It's Time to Move Your Meetings Forward

Our powerful platform makes it easy to understand key metrics by using our dashboards to track and analyze how the public is utilizing the system.

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Port Orange

"BoardSync (now CivicClerk) has helped me organize our agenda process and make it more effective and efficient. It has easily saved me full days of work tracking down agenda items and posting to our website. "

Robin Fenwick, City Clerk | Port Orange, FL

Reach your goals with confidence

CivicClerk allows local government administration  to be more efficient. Complete the form below and see if CivicClerk is right for you.